Jeff WilliamsNatural Resources Project Manager

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Jeff is Natural Resources Project Manager and Senior Biologist of TES’s Natural Resources Group. Jeff has twelve years of experience performing environmental assessments including stream and wetland functional assessments (TXRAM, HGM, & others), wetland delineation, and Waters of the U.S. determination; threatened and endangered species surveys; fauna and flora surveys; mitigation banking including, delineation, planting supervision, and monitoring; permitting, reporting, and monitoring; and project management. Jeff possesses an active U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recovery permit for the federally endangered red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW) (Picoides borealis) and has extensive experience in RCW surveys. Jeff received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from West Texas A&M, and Wetland Science and Management Professional Certification through the University of Washington.


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