Preparation of an Innocent Owner/Operator Program Application for a Facility Manufacturing Printing Supplies, Closure of IHW Units at Site–Jacksonville, Texas

TES was engaged to prepare and submit an application to gain certification as an “innocent owner/operator” pursuant to the TCEQ’s program for owners and operators of property or facilities impacted by environmental contamination emanating from offsite sources. TES researched the historical operations and environmental sampling and testing data maintained by the client to assure that the applicant facility was not a potential source of the contamination discovered in groundwater under the facility. TES researched the historical operations of facilities and landowners adjacent to the client’s property. In support of the client’s application for certification pursuant to the Innocent Owner/Operator Program (IOP), TES prepared a Site Investigation Report (SIR) detailing the probable source of the contamination and the inability of the applicant to be the source of the contamination. TES submitted the SIR along with the IOP application and certification was granted within months. In 2006 the facility was purchased by another entity and TES was engaged by the purchaser to assist with demonstration of closure of waste management units at the site.


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