Due Diligence Evaluation for Prospective Purchaser of Four TSDFs and 14 Used Oil Processing Facilities–Houston, Texas

TES was engaged to review the regulatory compliance status of four TSDFs and 14 used oil processing facilities located around the country on behalf of a prospective purchaser. The TSDFs and used oil processing facilities were owned by one of the nation’s largest waste management firms. The company which engaged TES to perform the review is a large multinational company which owns and operates water and wastewater treatment facilities around the world. After reviewing permit and compliance related documents, TES provided a preliminary report to the prospective purchaser, which described the compliance status of the facilities and any outstanding or anticipated regulatory issues. Subsequent to the report by TES, the prospective purchaser decided not to sign a Letter of Intent that would have furthered the acquisition process. The purchaser’s decision was primarily based on the inability to negotiate a favorable purchase price for the facilities.


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