Calculation of Benzene Emissions and Modeling of Offsite Impact Associated with Operation of Glycol Dehydrators at a Natural Gas Compressor Location

TES was engaged to determine the benzene emissions generated from four glycol dehydrators located at a large gas compressor station in Louisiana. TES utilized the GLYCalc 4.0 program to evaluate emissions from the glycol units under varying operating conditions. Through consultation with the plant management, TES established a reasonable worst-case operational scenario and evaluated anticipated benzene emissions with and without the downstream incinerator. TES mapped offsite receptor locations and elevations and utilized the SCREEN3 model developed by the U. S. EPA to predict maximum ambient air concentrations of benzene at the closest offsite receptors. TES presented the emission calculations and modeling results to senior management via a PowerPoint TM presentation. The modeling revealed that the compressor station did not pose a health risk to individuals living and working nearby under reasonable worst-case operating conditions and failure of the incinerator combined with poor meteorological conditions.


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